Growing Strong Staying Strong Workbooks

These Growing Strong Staying Strong workbooks have been developed specifically for Aboriginal people to use as a guide to explore strengths, worries and to create a plan for moving forward in ways that are imaginative and spontaneous.

3 Ways to use the workbooks.

  1. Watch the videos and work through the workbooks on your own or with a friend or family member
  2. Work through the workbooks with a support worker
  3. Participate in a Growing Strong Staying Strong group workshop and learn with others.Contact Ruah for more information- Phone 9485 3939 or email

Please note - Ruah Community Services respects Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and beliefs and understands that it can be distressing and offensive to publish images and names of Aboriginal people who have recently died. Users are warned that these videos may inadvertently contain such images and names.

Work Book 1 Growing Strong Staying Strong - Strengths
This session celebrates our strengths and looks at what we can do to keep feeling strong and healthy. This session also acknowledges what we are already doing well and helps us to identify a range of skills to feel good.  
Download Workbook 1

Work book 2 - Growing Strong Staying Strong- Worries.  

Everyone has worries and sometimes we have more worries than other times. This session helps us to look at what worries or triggers we have and how our worries impact on our strength and wellbeing. We then look at what skills and strategies we already use to stay strong and also explore new skills to help us manage worries.
Download Workbook 2

Workbook 3 -Growing Strong Staying Strong- My Future and Making Change.
The first part of this session looks at the major events which have helped shaped who we are today. This allows us to see what we have learnt from our life so far and what strengths we have developed.  From here we go on a journey to identify what we want in our future and what we can do to get there.  
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